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Happy Hour at Spiel Essen 2015

This year, lilke every year, we have ‘Happy Hour’ at the PLAYthisONE stand, every day from 11:00 to 12:00. During Happy Hour the player who wins the game, wins the game and may take it home!

PLAYthisONE is at Spiel Essen with two new titles!

PLAYthisONE releases two new board games this year on Spiel Essen, setting the counter on five unique game titels from PLAYthisONE. First there is RevoltaaA, an ingenious card game in which you have to chose your side carefully to win the revolution. Stingy is the second title; an interactive pirate booty-swapping game. Both new titles come from the pen of the famous game author Reiner Knizia. Knizia celebrates ‘30 years of Knizia’ this year. We celebrate it with him, and how to do that better than with smashing prizes for you at Spiel Essen.

PlayThisOne releases RoboRama

After Bloqs and UGO!, this year  PlayThisOne releases its third board game, titled RoboRama. In RoboRama the goal is simple: finish first with your four robots on the opposite side of the arena and you win! Of course this is easier said than done. After all, you are not the only one trying, making it pretty crowded in the arena.

UGO! with Kosmos and IELLO

PlayThisOne is proud to announce that UGO! is picked up by two large, foreign distributors, namely Kosmos and IELLO.